Nuclear energy- Nuclear weapons- Nuclear activists

In working with groups interested in nuclear weapons policy and non-proliferation – I’ve also dealt with a fair number of people who are anti-anything-nuclear. (Some groups like GlobalZero do a good job of avoiding this discussion by focusing clearly on weapons.) When putting together events with different groups it is necessary to pay attention to the areas that you agree on and let other issues lie for another day. I hope that this does not give the impression of tacit agreement on all points.
I bring this us because I wanted to clarify that intelligent people can be as adamantly opposed to nuclear weapons as they are in favor of nuclear power. The New York Times has a  piece from Andrew Revkin which includes a video of James Hansen. Hansen cogently argues for nuclear energy as part of the short term solution to climate change. (Its good to remember that we nuclear weapons scholars don’t have a monopoly on ways that the world might be ruined.) I’m personally a huge proponent of expanded nuclear power. I appreciate the proliferation challenges that accompany that expansion, but I hope that we can manage such dangers. I’ll follow this with a future post including  analysis on the costs and risks of nuclear energy.

Video here:


Article NYTimes here:


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