Nuclear politics

From an Aug 2 article on the Global Security News-wire an article about House republicans threatening to defund activities for implementing New START. (here) The House members are trying to use the power of the purse to preempt any attempts that the President may make at independent (unilateral?) cuts below the requirements of the treaty. There has been some debate about the separation of powers between congress and the commander in chief regarding the authority to make such cuts. – I don’t recall any such action by house republicans when George HW Bush initiated the PNI’s– perhaps there was such an outcry – but I am not aware of it.  At any rate it should be interesting to watch as the political game is played out.

bonus: the best of the article was the “related news” that the ICBM caucus wants to prevent spending any money on a study to cut their nuclear-pork leg of the triad. classic.

“In related news, senators from Montana and North Dakota on Thursday said they had revised their chamber’s appropriations language to defund an Air Force study of cutbacks planned to land-based strategic nuclear missiles in their states. The service intends to eventually eliminate 30 of the 450 ICBMs at launch sites in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming, according to the Great Falls Tribune. – See more at:


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