Chinese Nuclear Renaissance

Anyone asking about why China is serious about developing (lots of) nuclear power may want to check the chinese weather (here)

Is the Chinese Nuclear power expansion real? Yes. Jeffrey Lewis at Arms Control Wonk posted this update about China’s expanding centrifuge infrastructure. here. Now I am curious about the investment in centrifuges as a proven technology when something like AVLIS seems promising- but I can appreciate the safer bet. China has 17 nuclear power reactors currently operating, 30 currently under construction and planning to build more. The world nuclear association reports that China plans to increase nuclear capacity to at least 58 GWe by 2020 with greater expansion in the future. Perhaps Most notable is that China is steaming ahead with a nuclear renaissance including plans to export plants to UK and Pakistan.

As Germany backs away from nuclear power, Japan seems unsure post-Fukushima, and the US has issues getting nuclear power plants built- China is emerging as the the driver of nuclear power.


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