Qualitative and Multi-Method Research

Dr. Sherry Lowrance shared this with us



The 2014 Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research will be held at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Participants at the 2014 institute will arrive on Sunday June 15, and classes will commence on June 16. The institute will run until the evening of Friday June 27, with a two day break on June 21 and 22.

The institute seeks to enable students to create and critique methodologically sophisticated qualitative research designs, including case studies, tests of necessity or sufficiency, and narrative or interpretive work. It explores the techniques, uses, strengths, and limitations of these methods, while emphasizing their relationships with alternative approaches. Topics include research design, methods of structured and focused comparisons of cases, typological theory, case selection, process tracing, comparative historical analysis, congruence testing, path dependency, interpretivism, counterfactual analysis, interview and field research (including archival) techniques, necessary and sufficient conditions, fuzzy set methods, natural experiments, and philosophy of science issues relevant to qualitative research.

Attendees will receive constructive feedback on their own research designs.

Materials from the 2013 institute (including a schedule and reading list) are available for viewing at http://www.maxwell.syr.edu/moynihan/cqrm/The_Institute_for_Qualitative_and_Multi-Method_Research/   Please note that the syllabus will be revised for the 2014 institute, and should be viewed with this in mind.

There are two ways to attend the institute – by nomination from a member department or research center, or by successfully competing in the open pool competition.

CQRM members will use their own meritocratic criteria to select students, fellows or junior faculty to attend the 2014 institute, and must notify CQRM of their choices by February 14, 2014. CQRM has approximately 70 members that make nominations each year. If you do not know if your institution is a member, you can email celman@maxwell.syr.edu to request that information.

Students, fellows and junior faculty who are not sure if they will be selected, or who attend non-member organizations, should apply directly to CQRM, using the form available at this link:


(Please make sure this whole link is in the browser address window. If the link doesn’t work, cut and paste the text into the address bar.)

Instructions for submission are on the first page of the form.

Open pool applications to the institute must be received by November 22, 2013. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by December 19, 2013.

CQRM will cover the costs of tuition, lodging, and meals for successful applicants. Attendees will be responsible for their own transportation costs to and from Syracuse University.

If you know of any students or faculty who might be interested in attending IQMR 2014, please pass this email on to them.


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