can we rethink Cuba?

About a month ago Cuba changed their tax rates for investors. story: here.

seeing it reminded me to ask- what are we doing with Cuba?! I don’t want to jump the gun on this, but half a century in we might give some thought to what we are trying to do with the embargo – and why. The US has dealt with and continues to deal with some unsavory regimes. How is it that trade is expected to help repair our relationships in Vietnam or China but not 90 miles south of Florida? Can we not declare victory over communism and give up this Cuba business? The young cigar smoking revolutionary (A virile symbol of the communist threat) has aged into an old man in a track suit…

I know that part of the answer is in the black box- states are not unitary rational actors and this is an excellent example of that. Florida voters have had disproportionate influence on foreign policy here.  There isn’t a strong enough bloc of voters or lobby asking what we are doing with the embargo. Perhaps before 2020 we will be able to take a clear look at US interests in the Caribbean and how Cuba could fit into that. I would be interested to hear a strategic defense of the embargo if it is out there.*


fidel1          fidel2







* (I am not interested in hysteric anti-communist rhetoric)


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