Oak Ridge

Some of the scholars from Sp403 spent a week last month in the great state of Tennessee. We were there thanks to the work of some dedicated people at the Center for International Trade and Security at the University of Georgia and our very gracious hosts at ORNL and Y12 through the Next Generation Safeguards Initiative.

We did so much in such a short amount of time that it is a little tough to unpack it all. My guess is that I’ll break up the thoughts into several posts.

Part of our trip to ORNL and Y12, the part that perhaps most of the public would be interested in, was to tour the Manhattan Project sites. There is something strange and endearing about them. I have an affinity for the ascetics of the era that I can’t quite explain. The look and feel of the buildings, the hand painted labels on dials and buttons- My guess is that it all taps into the feelings attached to my grandparents generation. It also touches upon a great national myth.
At any rate it was neat. More to come on safeguards, the national labs, and HEU.



There is an ongoing effort to create a Manhattan Project National Historic Park some information: here.

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