Nork Cyberterror Power

Apparently I have been wrong.

For some time I have been downplaying the dangers posed by both sabre-rattling from the North Koreans and those from cyber”terrorism”. After recent events I feel that I should apologize to my students and colleagues. I lumped both of these into a larger pool of inflated threats that were not of great significance to real questions of international power.  It appears that I was wrong. There seems to be serious power in cyber attacks from North Korea:

These hackers have made me want to see James Franco in a movie. YOU MONSTERS!


What happened? Some hackers attacked Sony. It may be Norks spurred on because of the slight to the dear leader in a stoner comedy. Some of the threats sound like normal Nork sabre-rattling. (I can’t really do justice to this. Check ArmsControlWonk on twitter for the good stuff). Then Sony pulled the film from theatres.

Alex Proud has a nice rundown here on why we should care.

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