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Early Warning reminded us all that @wellerstein on nuclearsecrecy posted their nuclear history bibliography for 2013. here.
An excellent roundup of scholarship published last year as well as a constant reminder of how much time was wasted over the break. so much reading to catch up on…



I was reminded by this mornings news about tunneling machines in Seattle that Dennis Gormley mentioned their strategic importance. In what will be a recurring theme on Sp403 – the important technologies are rarely sexy. The addition of things like tunneling machines to control lists seems interesting to me. 

I thought someone should write a book about tunneling equipment* and international arms control. It would be on the wonk best seller list next to the  flow-forming lathes/tractor factory fiction. .. Then I found that at least someone had. I think there is still a good bit of room for research in this area.

there is room to put the importance of this technology into context for proliferation efforts: for instance




*Beware: searches about tunneling equipment quickly lead to tin-foil hat sites.

Reading suggestions

Micah Zenko   (@micahZenko) recommends reading for the fall semester at Council on Foreign Relations

The reading list is geared toward teaching foreign policy or national security of undergraduate or graduate students. Worth a look-


Trapped in the War on Terror

Trapped in the War on Terror

Threat Inflation is a subject which is near and dear to me. This appears to be the case for Iam Lustick As well.